What color converts the best?

I’ve been asked this question constantly. What color converts the best? What color should my site be, what color should my CTAs be?

The answer is… well, depends.

I’ve tested this relentlessly. Could we convince users to convert at higher rates just by changing a color? Is it really that easy? I’ve read about color theory and what types of emotions each color produces — but would people really click green at a higher rate?

A recent test I did challenged this thought. The form I was testing received about 5,000 unique visitors, it was a plain form — the website had a white background and the text was plain black. We had been using a red CTA for awhile, but I wanted to see if there was any ‘easy wins’ to have. Each color would receive 1,000 visitors from the same source, same intent, same everything. Only difference was the CTAs would be changed.

Orange – .25% Conversion Increase
Green – .25% Conversion Decrease
Blue – No Conversion Change
Purple – .3% Conversion Decrease

Wow! Had I really found an answer? Should I be rolling out with orange CTAs across the board? Unfortunately, .25% is a rounding error. Just to be sure, let’s pit the best performing color (orange) against the worst performing color (purple). Another 1,000 each.

Orange – Control
Purple – .1% Conversion Increase


We set out to test a few more combinations but none of them were consistent enough to show any improvement or diminishment by any specific color. Our data was telling us the truth, color, in this case, didn’t matter.

In all cases, the color was unique to the page. It stood out. The CTA was clear as was the next action for the user.

When determining what color to choose for your CTA — the only thing that matters is that the CTA stands out. It should be a distinct color on your page. If your main color is blue, try an orange or red CTA. If your main color is red, try a blue or green CTA.

You should be able to blur your entire site and still define where the call to action is.