🙈 The Emoji Effect | Open Rate Discussion

A few months ago a colleague told me about some success he was having with Emoji’s in the subject line. I laughed when he told me it helped open rates, especially considering that he represented a very high-end brand that I thought wouldn’t want to associate as much with the ’emoji generation’.

But, it got me thinking and it certainly couldn’t hurt to test (always be testing). I started with a heavily monetized segment in my lifecycle campaign. I chose 3 different emojis, all conveying a different ’emotion’.

To my surprise, each emoji performed significantly better than the control. The rest of the subject stayed the same — just with the addition of a single emoji.

CONTROL – 26.5%
❤️ + 1.5% Open Rate
💰 + 2.5% Open Rate
🚗 + 1% Open Rate

Wow! That’s what I call a game changer.

Now, I still don’t use emojis for every single email. Your userbase will tire of the consistent usage. But for emails that you want to stand out (especially transactional or monetized), absolutely — start using them.

You can use emojis in funner ways as well. Don’t just plop one right in the beginning, use it in the subject line throughout. Have 😄 replace words. It will help your subject line stand out and your user will consciously want to solve 🤔 the meaning of the emoji. This added cognitive load helps your email stand out.