I'm Chris Aplin

Product Marketing Manager

  • LOCATION Renton, WA
  • PHONE (425) 559-5135

An efficient, empathetic and data-first senior product marketing manager.

I take pride in building the complete project, quickly and obsessively. Identifying user needs and matching them with business goals, all in an aesthetic package ready for development.

As a proven designer, product manager and marketer I have developed and released strategies that have turned into real dollars.

  • Increased profit 5x as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Full Beaker by better engaging the audience and identifying their funnel and monetizing them more frequently, without the benefit of significantly increasing the email list. All while other parts of the business stayed stagnant.
  • Increased conversions by 60% as a Senior Designer at QuoteWizard by managing, reimagining and redesigning the funnel and identifying and removing conversion blockages.
  • Managed the creative for the fast-paced paid marketing team at QuoteWizard by creating and delivering landing pages and complete experiences in tight turnarounds.

I frequently go above and beyond my job titles to understand the full picture of a project — better understanding the needs and the desired outcome. Outspoken and confident yet works well with multidisciplinary teams.

A startup mentality, unbound by the 40 hour work week, I’m looking to make an immediate and long term impact utilizing my wide variety of highly proficient skills.

Work Experience


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Full Beaker

I managed the strategy and implementation of the email program doubling gross profits year over year from under $1M to almost $1.85M


Senior Designer


As Senior Designer I managed the revenue experience, focusing on improving conversion through form and landing page design and testing. This improved overall conversion by as much as 60% on mobile traffic.


Product Management Consultant

Seattle Pacific University

I reinvented how the University communicated with alumni and donors to keep them engaged on a more frequent basis increasing donations and engagement for school programs.


Project Manager

Complex Massive Companies

Managed operations and strategy for a multi-company startup. VoIP, Retail Management And Professional Web Marketing Services


Campaign Admin


Product Design UX design Web App


Product Design UX design Web App

TheMortgageReports Redesign

TheMortgagereports Redesign

Single Click Mortgage Form

Web App

One Click Lead Form

Web App

Technologies Used
Sketch, HTML, CSS, JQuery

The one click lead form was generated out of the need to speed the regeneration process for mortgage users.

The email team stored all necessary data from a users previous conversion but was not taking advantage of this data. Prior users were asked to complete the entire form every time they requested quotes.

I saw an easy win — develop a beautiful, simple ‘one click’ form experience that submitted high-intent users data with only a single action.

Email went from converting around 15% of clicks from campaigns to almost 60%.


UX design Web App

MyMortgageInsider Redesign

UX design Web App

MyMortgageInsider is a mortgage lead generation site that primarily interacts with organic traffic. The problem, it isn’t converting users.

During testing I found that users on the original site would often scroll as quickly as possible to the section that best answered their initial question and that the majority of articles on the site treated users as if they had just begun the mortgage process.

The reality is, these users were well on their way and had only a few specific issues to solve.

This redesign looked to solve that by:
– Removing any ‘fluff’ or ‘introductory’ content
– Introduce a Table Of Contents to quickly navigate the user
– Remove clutter and increase white space and mobile usability
– Pull out important information in the form of ‘call outs’ to answer common queries as soon as possible.

The first design rollout test proved that this was a far superior experience for users as they spent less time searching the page, more time reading chunks of content and converting at natural areas at a far superior rate (almost 100% better).

View this test, hand-coded on Codepen.


Product Design UX design Web App

Life Insurance Calculator

Web App


Landing Page Product Design Web App

Professional Skills

Direct Response Design
Sketch & Invision
UX Design & Testing
Project Management
Data Analysis
Strategic Planning
Sketch & Invision
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